hi there. so I think i should start by telling yall somethings to expect on here that may upset some and intrigue others.

i will rarely capitalize things. except for the occasional “I”. oh look i just did it. I will have run on sentences. i will happen to drop my g’s from time to time somethin fierce. and i will be dramatic. i am liberal. black lives matter. I am an ally. I am married with no children quite happily. all of it. happy married. happy no kids. don’t get me wrong because I love kids. i work with children in my “day job”. but at the end of the day i get to go home and sit in quiet and i fucking love that. oh yeah, i’m going to swear. I have a dog Penny, a cat Lemon/Doodle, and a fish James. I love plants but keep few alive truthfully.  I am from Texas, born and raised, but have moved around a bit with the husband. Currently we reside in Clarkston, Michigan. (just look at me holding down the shift button).  Ninety percent of my friends live in texas still so honestly i get lonely but at the exact same time love my solitude. I am flaky if i have to leave my home. okay fine i have agoraphobia. but in my 30’s i’m seriously loving it. So yeah, I sit at home and craft a lot.

Which brings me to my point. I am starting this little blog to document my Etsy shop endeavours. I just started one 3 days ago as of July 25, 2016. I have done this before and failed miserably. I am completely terrified of failure but here’s the deal. Who is setting this failure standard?

One thing i’m keeping in mind these days is that all i really NEED to be doing with my life is having a good fucking time. I don’t need to be all stressed about success and being somebody. Because i am somebody damnit. I am me and i’m okay (a legit poster in my mom’s bathroom).

So what should you expect from this? everything i’ve mentioned already plus probably some frustration, happiness, knitting, sewing, shameless etsy plugs, diy crap, my animals, plant struggles, people struggles, struggles, triumph(?), LEARNING, obsessive planning, maybe some yoga, definitely some books, terrible attempts at spanish, dry spells, and hopefully good luck. So listen, read, comment, mock, encourage….whatever moves you. I am open.


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